Welcome to this web's first post! Before continue, if you don't know who I am it's quite strange that you're reading this, but don't worry because I think a introduction it's needed. I'm Marcos Urios, a guy interested in sports, 3D modelling and web development. I really enjoy discovering new things, so I could define myself as a curious and explorer person.

When I'm not thinking about any work to do (it's quite difficult nowadays), I like to free my mind surfing or kitesurfing with my friends. In those sports you depened of the weather conditions (unpredictable) and you need to be ready for any situation you'll find, just for when it comes, be able to face it and overpass it. I like thinking like this because it's kind of how life works, but in the perspective of a game, playing those sports (not at the same level, obviously).

In this blog you'll find interesting posts about web development, news, videogames or even any other fact about me.

Finally, I would like to dedicate this personal project just lift off to my family, specially to my grandparents. Thanks to everyone for giving to this dune your grain of sand.